Happy B’day Neha

Neha is my very special friend, I can’t say best because I do not want to compare her with anyone. In spite of the fact that every third girl in India is Neha; we met; when I was going to join my first job; in train and she quickly decided to share apartment with me. She was strangely frank, at first I could not understand her, why is she so friendly? She became my roommate, we had pretty much same frequency and thoughts. In few days we became very good friends. She was lively and no body can escape from her smile. She knew how to handle blues.
We were together for around 1 year and gone through many different phases of life, In hard times, when I was alone she supported me a lot. We fought on stupid things, we laughed on non-senses, we did shopping together… and enjoyed a lot.

I am very sorry Neha that I couldn’t attended your marriage, I would always miss your company. I know we are far away from each other but I believe you are my special friend, a friend to whom I can never forget. Please don’t change your self, you are a beautiful person.

Happy B’day :) !!!

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