Journey of Escalator

Sometimes when I look at a moving escalator I wonder how similar it is to our life. Much like life, the escalator never stops, whether you ride it or not. And when you do, it carries you ahead, even without your efforts. It is a matter of destiny though, that you get an escalator which is moving towards your goal

Sometimes you find yourself standing in a crowd, lost and confused, trying to figure out which is the right path to go, at such times listen to your heart and step onto the escalator, which comes into your path. Perhaps this is the right time to go with the flow. May be a journey to nowhere, actually lead you to somewhere.

Sometimes you feel a jerk and you realizes that escalator has suddenly stopped in midway, even there is nobody to help you out. You look towards the destination and only thing that you can see are number of steps. At that moment, you only left with two options, whether you have to stay there waiting for the light to come or you have to step ahead by believing in yourself.

In the beginning, everything seems like it is going against you, even wind( like old memories) pushes you back, towards a path which leads you to nowhere. But it is the actual time when you can push the whole escalator to move, just you need to keep up your pace by using all your strength to move in forward direction. Suddenly you will feel like the escalator is moving with your speed.

It’s always dependent on you how to proceed in life…

8 thoughts on “Journey of Escalator”

  1. nice thought …
    most people just leave their lives in the hands of so called god…
    which is not the right thing to do…
    life always goes according to you if you learn how to transform yourself in different situations…. :)

  2. Jokes apart. Nice written and a mark of professionalism. Have a colorful future in this line.

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