This poem I have learnt in my school days, today some words reminded me of this and strangely I remembered the whole poem :

विधाता ने मुझको बनाया था जिस दिन
धरती पर तूफ़ान आया था उस दिन
मुझे देख सूरज को गश आ गया था
मेरे रूप से चाँद चकरा गया था !
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Sometimes a breeze refreshes you after a tiresome journey,
Sometimes some path becomes destinations and destination becomes meaningless,
Sometimes silence is louder than voices,
Sometimes a stranger becomes your best mate,
Sometimes one moment become your whole life,
Sometimes some words completes your world,
Sometimes shadows are darker than the reality,
Sometimes some times become timeless,
Sometimes I don’t mean anything and sometimes YOU mean everything…