A trip to Endless Water Empire

Sea beach of Konkan

A Touch of a droplet of rain always pulls me towards it. I always enjoy moments of rain. May be because I belong from a very dry place, a desert, The Rajasthan.  Mansoon is my favourite season,  if you leave the part “mud and pits on road”.

Well my today’s experience is not related to “Mansoon”. But its very much related to my soul. . .

We group of seven friends started our trip for DIVYAGAAR with the beginning of our weekend. It is a very popular sea beach located at west coast of Konkan. Everyone was tired as it was a working day but still everyone was ready to eat this refreshing treat… We reached our destination at mid night, after a long journey of 4 and half hour. The way was very beautiful but darkness of night limited us to see its beauty. As I stepped at our resort, a mix noise of whistling palms and sea water gathered my attraction. We planned, to see the sun rise from the west coast of Konkan… ;-). But soon we realised how silly it was.

Now we have to wait till morning. We passed our time by playing cards, chatting and laughing. We played a new game called Future in which we came to know about each other’s hidden qualities. 😉
In morning,  we stepped onto the beach, every one was so excited to touch the endless property of nature. With every step a sound of growling sea water was increasing, like its calling us to take away our all tiredness and fill us with energy and content.

Its wonderful to feel its each wave, stepping over the shells and seeing towards an endless and unbounded empire of water. With my each step,  I was walking away from my tiring life. . . Each wave was saying something to me,each wave was looking like lots of children are running and racing with each other to get their target… A rhythm , a harmony was every where, in wet sand, in jumping and bouncing waves,in air every where … I spent my all time sitting on beach’s wet sand, looking towards dancing waves and people on the beach enjoying by playing into sea water.

Well now it was time to leave that place, we had our lunch rich with Maharashtrian cuisines specially sea food prepared in Marathi style. All enjoyed this delicious treat a lot and which was very much helpful for our journey. Then we started our return trip to Pune. This time there wasn’t any barrier of night which can hold us to see the nature’s anonymous beauty. In our journey of 176 kms we passed from lots of villages, lakes and dam, all these things were giving me a flavour of rural India which was far away from rushing life, competition, cheating and insecurity.

Finally we reached our home, sweet home and decided to plan another such kind of trip who’s fragnance would keep us refreshing till many weeks.

By Akanksha Saxena

I am a learner, who learns each and everything that comes into her path. Through blogging I am learning to interrupt my spreaded flow of thoughts and give it a noticable shape. I tried this before also with my diary entries but those papers are now saving themselves to come in front of anyone, even me. Actually, I have kept them somewhere very carefully but the thing is somewhere and now somewhere is missing. So, I got this way which can't be missed somewhere :)
I welcome new ideas and changes, if someone wants to share his/her views on my write ups, please don't hesitate to leave comments. It will be taken positively [:)]

9 replies on “A trip to Endless Water Empire”

Nice one.. Konkan trips are always enriching.. 🙂

Hope the trip washed away the MNP trauma to some extent.

One more thing… the place is called Diveagar 🙂

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