Trip to Black Forest

Black Forest is a wooden mountain range in south western Germany. It covers a wide area of earth in which human habitats are very rare to find but still there are some towns and cities. Most Cities are tourist destinations, towns are splendid and very beautiful, an ancient European touch is there in every city and town. This place is situated in the lap of nature. All scenes are like computer’s Wallpapers 🙂 here.

We (me and my team mates) had started our journey from Munich to Black Forest at early morning of Saturday. We had to change around 3 – 4 trains to reach there. Initially, it was dark but after two hours of journey the rays of sun was enlightening the whole area. The scenic beauty was tremendous. My eyes were trying to catch those scenes and my mind was trying to lock them, so that it could refresh me anywhere when ever I want.

One thing that I noticed was, the population was very less. At quite distant places, only one or two houses were visible. This was a usual scene in the whole journey, a wide green field, only one or two human beings and far away an isolated wooden house. Sometimes, I was surprised to see how people are living here, totally unconnected from the cities and facilities but I got the answer soon. Usually, nature provides all the necessary thing and other than that people used to do hay harvest and sell it for getting money. Some other people are farmers here, since there is no shortage of water and land is also very fertile.

After a journey of four hours we reached at Trieberg, which is famous for the World’s biggest coocko clock, also it is famous for its waterfalls. Treiberg has the largest waterfall of Germany. The whole place was settled on the hills, every road was slanted minimum at the angle of 30 degree and maximum is at 60 degree. I have seen the waterfall there, it was one of precious moment of my life to stand on the bridge in front of a waterfall, feeling the drops of falling water onto my face. It has vanished all my tiredness to get upto there. When I reached at the top of the hill , it was covered with ice and a combination of water, ice and sunlight was making the whole scene as beautiful as heaven.

Next day, we went to Titese, which is a lake of black water. The water was pure but it contains some minerals which makes it black in colour. In winter, the lake becomes totally freezed and people used to play ice games here like ice hockey and skating etc. But It was April and no more winter, still it was very cold there, the breeze was freezing us then we had Glue Wine (a wine made from many fruit juices and served as hot). It saved all of us from freezing there. Then we moved to Frieberg, a well settled European city, here one of the tourist place was the


which was the only building left after Russian attack on the city. It is an ancient Church very big and tall. The city was restructured after second world war in an ancient manner, the roads, the buildings and everything was giving an ancient European feel.
Now, it was the time to return, but the return journey was as refreshing as the trip. Nature nature all around, no pollution, no noises only calm nature..

By Akanksha Saxena

I am a learner, who learns each and everything that comes into her path. Through blogging I am learning to interrupt my spreaded flow of thoughts and give it a noticable shape. I tried this before also with my diary entries but those papers are now saving themselves to come in front of anyone, even me. Actually, I have kept them somewhere very carefully but the thing is somewhere and now somewhere is missing. So, I got this way which can't be missed somewhere :)
I welcome new ideas and changes, if someone wants to share his/her views on my write ups, please don't hesitate to leave comments. It will be taken positively [:)]

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This is seriously a beautiful place.. :).. you could also find some of these views here in India… In our very own sikkim.. I have been there and it was an awesome trip…

One more thing, Nice writeup!! keep it up..

You should not have written this. Now I am desperately wanting to visit Europe. Incidently my mother was supposed to go to Germany for an exchange program during her B.Ed but somehow it got canceled. And Frieberg was their destination.
But keep posting more. We’ll see Europe through your eyes.

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