To be a Girl means to take a different way to reach home just to do window shopping, Girls mean to go to a mall to shop for a shampoo and come out with a big bag and empty purse, Girls mean sitting in a room alone and thinking after a full bag of shopping that oh! I forgot to buy the shampoo… 😉

Girls are very predictable… 😉

I don’t know why people say it’s easy to understand the God but it’s very difficult to understand a girl. Girls always speak what they want but in a different way, now at that moment just use your mind, it’s always easy to understand a girl. But boys always commit mistakes to do so and half of the girl’s life passes in correcting those. After a long hectic period of corrections, girls realize that it is a waste of time.

There are so many thesis about girls which used to get updated time by time. Most thesis moves around what a girl wants and a simple answer is – “Diamond” 😀 After all diamond is a best friend of a Girl. And I think boys usually don’t want to let two friends meet because they are jealous from their competitor.

The next thing is why I am giving this free education, well today weather is too good so I thought to do some social service 😉

By Akanksha Saxena

I am a learner, who learns each and everything that comes into her path. Through blogging I am learning to interrupt my spreaded flow of thoughts and give it a noticable shape. I tried this before also with my diary entries but those papers are now saving themselves to come in front of anyone, even me. Actually, I have kept them somewhere very carefully but the thing is somewhere and now somewhere is missing. So, I got this way which can't be missed somewhere :)
I welcome new ideas and changes, if someone wants to share his/her views on my write ups, please don't hesitate to leave comments. It will be taken positively [:)]

14 replies on “Girls”

A guy can predict what a girl wants but then he can also predict that ‘predictably’ she wanted something else…

Hope your boyfriend reads it and ensures that you and your best friend stay separate 😉 😉

But, leave the boys alone, we DO NOT need your help in correcting our mistakes. We love it when we are in trouble. Leave us alone !!! 😛 😛 😛 😛

OMG,, … bro

She is saying that she wants a DIAMOND,, that too in a different way….


भाइयों अब अपन सर्व सम्मति से इस लड़की को राष्ट्र शांति विरोधी तत्त्व घोषित कर देते हैं |

Nice! You summed up all . And I think I could solve a complex reasoning question but understanding girl is out of bounds ..lols!

Ha ha..too awesome akanksha..I can’t stop laughing continuously after reading this one ..especially the comments.;) ..even asked my hubby dear to read and resolve his confusions about me, if any left..;)

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