Life Poems

It’s not Easy to define

It’s easy to run but difficult to hold on to something,
It’s easy to betray but difficult to come out of the guilt,
It’s easy to advice but difficult to improvise,
It’s easy to suicide but difficult to live the life,
It’s easy to break but difficult to gather the pieces,
It’s easy to say goodbye but difficult to look behind,
It’s easy to move on but difficult to stay across the time,
It’s easy to flow but difficult to step against the tides,
Yes I know it’s not easy to overcome it all,
but if you can,
then words are too less to define you …



This poem I have learnt in my school days, today some words reminded me of this and strangely I remembered the whole poem :

विधाता ने मुझको बनाया था जिस दिन
धरती पर तूफ़ान आया था उस दिन
मुझे देख सूरज को गश आ गया था
मेरे रूप से चाँद चकरा गया था !